Love and Hip Hop Atlanta New Episode

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta New Episode

Did you tune in to VH1 last night for the new episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta? If you were not one of the 3 million viewers, let me update you on this weeks happenings.

We took a glimpse into the life of Rap Songstress Rasheeda and her husband/ “man”ager, Kirk. What a positive and beautiful relationship to have on this series considering the train wreck we could not take our eyes off last week. Kirk called himself a “sucka” for Rasheeda. I say he is an excellent figure to have as a black man on television. You are a REAL MAN Kirk and should continue to stay that way to show all the real “suckas” how it is done! Happy wife = happy life! And don’t you know it. Rasheeda was a little wrong though to show up late to her own video. I understand as a female, if you have to do your own styling and primping for your own video how annoyed you must have been; however, communication is key! You should have answered or text him that, so he was aware and could pass that information on. Anyway, I still love their relationship dynamic.

I am taking a real liking to Miss Karlie Redd, as she is one of the realist cast members on the show. With the exception of her “ass”et, she is about as real as real could get. And she does have a nice bod, so “big-up” to Karlie…stay in that gym girl, I am not mad at you!

Now, back to the PURE CRAZINESS of the show. Mimi should have held on to her pride just a little bit longer. She claims she does not know about what he [Stevie J] does because she only sees the sweet side of him..? I beg to differ! We all seen that corrupt nature in him and by the looks of her less than mild outrage, she has seen that side before too. 3 million of us to be exact. There is only so long a woman can sell herself short for a little bit of money. And if she wants to sell herself in that manner, she should not play the “I didn’t know” role. She has to lie in the bed in which she made without the viewers every night. To each its own. Just keep it real. Say, “I do not care what Stevie does as long as my bills are paid on time!” We could respect that. Still, she must have some feelings for this man since she has a child in common. Just know Mimi, if you continue down this path, you will be hurt 10 times over!

Still Stevie has shown a little more respect for his “baby mama” in comparison to last weeks episode. He finally figured out which girl was which! If only for the week, she was indeed smoothed over. Mimi, get that 20% contract signed first! I have a feeling he will try to cheat her a little more in the money department. He is clearly not your everyday, stand up, kind of man. We noticed that when Miss Joseline Hernandez brought her pregnancy to his attention.

Okay, so we thought it could get no worse than the season premiere. Damn, this is only the second episode! Joseline, girl, take a seat! She was all down Karlie’s throat because she could not check Stevie’s real woman, Mimi. What is up with telling us [the viewers] and everyone on the show that they [Stevie J and Joseline] are sleeping together, then that are not, then she is magically pregnant by him!? C’mon now! We all knew what was happening but why the lies by the two of them attempting to convince the “stupid viewers” that they have a professional relationship? Newsflash: We can all see what is and was happening between the two of you! Stop trying to be the “player” on one scene and “innocent” in the next! Foolery right before our very eyes! Now I wonder how Joseline feels about him basically telling her to have an abortion on national television, in so many words. As if that is birth control! And since when do you have unprotected sex with a stripper you picked up four months ago? Besides the seed growing in Joseline, what else have you picked up?

He was dead wrong for asking whose baby that was when he knows she is proud of their disrespectful relationship. Then acting as if she is tripping by not thinking of the photo-shoot they have scheduled….REALLY Stevie J? He is making it very difficult to respect or even like him as a person or producer. How can one take him seriously?

How I ask? Well, rumor has it, for years now, that Stevie J is gay. Well, let us say bi-sexual, to be political about it. Gossip has spread like wild fire through the internet about past relationship speculation with a well-known mogul. You do that math! And Atlanta is known for the “down-low brotha”. If you have not heard, a down-low man is one in which pretends not to be gay, either because he is still interested in women or he fears the wrath of his peers; therefore, he keeps his homosexual activities under wraps! A secret! On the “DOWN-LOW”! I cannot confirm or deny the allegations; however, all those gangsta/”sexy”/thug looks he gives to everyone around him, kind of make you wonder…? What is with that one eyebrow look anyway? Well, stayed tuned for next week’s drama. I will indeed!

*Photo provided by Prince Williams of ATLPICS.NET. The Hip Hop ladies are photoed with Executive and Manager of Love and Hip Hop, Mona Scott Young.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Leisa
    Jun 26, 2012 @ 17:19:19

    Wow, I didn’t know that rumor about Stevie J but ut explains a lot! I knew Joseline was a Man and she and Stevie J are using that pregnancy crap to throw people off their trail of him being down low and her being a Man! S/he totally has had the surgery to fill in her neck and of course the breast. If you have not read the book by Miasha called, “Secret Society” and “Never Enough” then you may not understand. It is a must read about men posing as women and the readings are a trip. MiMi run for your life.


  2. demonicvixen
    Jun 26, 2012 @ 17:57:24

    Girl, I’ve heard the same thing about Stevie J. Truth be told, anytime I see a man treat women the way that Stevie treats women, I start to think that they are on the DL. He does NOT like women. I think that is quite clear. He needs them to be his “beard,” his cover so people don’t realize it. He’s sad and pathetic and need to get it together.

    Great recap of the show. I wrote a recap as well if you would like to read it.


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